30 Day Complete Beginner Guitar Course for £52

The Complete Beginner Course will get you playing in just 10 -15 minutes per day.

Each day you'll receive a short video lesson that will give you a focus for your practice, will be fun and will steadily build your skills over 30 days.

You'll no longer be guessing what you're supposed to practice each day - I'll be guiding you through games, exercises and pieces that focus on developing musicality.

By taking the course you'll be building a solid foundation for your guitar playing and establishing good technique that will set you up for future success.

By the end you won't just be playing your first tunes and chords, you'll understand the fundamentals of Music - rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony You'll have an understanding of notation and will be able to read TAB and chord boxes.

All that for the same price as a couple of lessons from a Guitar tutor.

*No questions asked money back guarantee - if you're not satisfied simply email me within 30 days of purchase and I'll happily refund you.

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